Solar solutions, sustainable results.

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We design, we build, we project manage!

Synergy’s vision is to be one of the leading providers of appropriate Engineering Solutions by combining experience, expertise and knowledge of the operating environment to deliver systems required to meet the wide ranging needs of our customers. Our vision is to grow and remain updated modern building practices.

Our Company

General Contracting

Synergy's core values have been shaped over more than 20 years of delivering the finest construction services to our clients. Our experience has helped develop our capability to carry out design, construction management, and construction work itself.


The mindset of our management team, our on-site supervisors, contractors, and construction workers centers on attention to detail. Attention to detail allows us to work on a multitude of projects simultaneously, while staying on schedule!


Besides valuing your time, your money and your vision for a project, we also value our environment… Our diversification into the solar energy sector is testament to this!


1. To provide integrated management solutions for operation and maintenance of building services.

2. To provide engineering solutions in areas of our expertise.

3. To provide construction management services.

4. To provide prompt, efficient and effective maintenance services to meet the challenging demands of today’s industry needs.


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On-going Projects

Our Team

At Synergy Contracting we pride ourselves in the development of human resources. Our team is comprised of individuals with a range of skills and abilities, all contributing to effective operations. Our senior management team consists of specialised professionals with international qualifications and decades of experience working in a host of countries.  


1. Qualified engineers with project management skills.

2. Experience in design, installation and maintenance.

3. Knowledge of industrial environment.

4. Effective consultation with clients to ensure that engineering solutions offered meet client’s requirements.

5. Commitment to our solutions.

6. Proximity to our customers.

7. Providing immediate solutions to client's maintenance problems.

8. Effective utilization of human resources.

9. Providing effective training and empowerment of staff.

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